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  • VA San Diego Healthcare System
    3350 La Jolla Village Drive, San Diego, CA  92161 MAP

    Please contact: 
    Jeri Muse, Ph.D., LGBT Veteran Care Coordinator 
    at (858) 552-8585 ext. 5531
    or SDCVAMCLGBT@va.gov for additional providers.

    VA San Diego Healthcare - LGBT Veteran's Website


  • The following VA San Diego Healthcare providers have been HWRN certified and identified by the VA San Diego as "LGBT Experts".

    Lynn Betzig, Au.D.   Chief, Audiology
    Milagros Rodriguez   Primary Care- MV
    Abigail Angkaw, Ph.D.  PTSD
    Autumn Backhaus, Ph.D. MST Coordinator 
    Bonita A. Borum-Sandy, B.A. WAVE
    Brian Buzzella, Ph.D.   Family Mental Health
    Kristin Donaldson, LCSW MICM
    Steve Hogan, NP   Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
    Melodie Isgro, M.D.  Psychiatry
    Mark Jacobson, Ph.D. Inpatient Psychiatry
    Susan Leckband, MD  Pharmacist
    Kel Loftis, LCSW   Suicide Prevention Coordinator
    Tonya Masino, MD   Psychiatry
    Corey McCulloch, Ph.D.  Spinal Cord Injury 
    Karyn Moriel    Neuropsychology
    Jeri Muse, Ph.D. Spinal Cord Injury/LGBT
    Anne Nizenson, Ph.D. PCMI/Behavioral Medicine
    Howard Realubit, LVN  Aspire
    Joshua Ruberg, Ph.D.    PCMI/IU3 Co-Director
    Christine Rufener, Ph.D. Recovery Coordinator
    Jennifer Staples, Ph.D.   LGBT Post-Doc Fellow
    Rebecca Williams, Ph.D.    WAVE
    Christina Dayrit, RN     Primary Care – MV
    Joan Fitzgerald, NP Diabetes Clinic
    Johanna Lynne, RN  Psychiatry
    Michael Olsen, RN Primary Care - MV
    Melissa Quinones, RN Primary Care – MV
    George Villaverde, LVN  Primary Care – MV
    Meredith Barnes, M.D.  Primary Care – MV
    David Bittleman, M.D.  Primary Care – MV
    Mark Gabuzuda, M.D.  Primary Care – MV
    Amy Hecht, NP  Primary Care -  MV
    Jocelyn Cayabyab, NP Primary Care -  MV
    John Beach, LCSW VASH
    Rikka Bonnette, LCSW  Transition Care Team
    Ted Canterbury, LCSW Assistant Chief,  Social Work
    Keirre Da Luz, LCSW  Special ID
    Eric Eichler, LCSW CORE
    Jonathan Flood, LCSW   VASH
    Kym Grey, LCSW Transition Team
    Nancy Lauria, LCSW VASH Addiction
    Niki Loureiro, LCSW  Homeless Program
    Marlene Rarick, LCSW SJP
    Gerard Skiles, LCSW  ICU/DOU
    Jeneve Dubick, LCSW Homeless Program
    Kristen Rice, LCSW  VASH
    Jennifer Roberts, LCSW Women Veteran’s Program